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Dome Bed

1. What is the Septestone(Seven-gemstone)?

Septestone, a gemstone made of 7 different types was formed roughly 150 million years ago are minerals found in a mountain called Ilwolsan in Youngyanggun, Kyungpook, South Korea.

The 36 types of ki emitted from the Septestone are tuned to the wavelengths and resonance of each part of the human body that adjusts the harmful wavelengths(from disease symptoms) into beneficial wavelengths and can block 100% of geopathic stress waves from subterranean water vein.

Of all the substance and matters that exists on Earth, Septestones have the strongest and largest ki emitting ability.


2. Septestone's specialty

  1. Blocks and eradicates geopathic stress waves from water veins
  2. Emits 92% of Far Infrared at 104℉(40 ℃)
  3. Reduces effects of Sick Building Syndrome
    • Fungal growth inhibition
    • Removes odors
    • Reduces floor impact noise
    • Large amount of negative ions emitted
    • Removes heavy metals
  4. Water purification
    • Adjusts the water's alkaline pH (pH 8.2~8.9)
    • Rich oxygen content(adjusts BOD,COD)
    • Active water molecules
  5. Wavelength resonance harmony of each part of the body
    • The vibrational frequency of the 36 types of rotational energy emitted from the Septestone adjusts the harmful wavelengths(lack of energy, overabundance) of the body into the most harmonious wavelengths that betters health. According to German wavelength measurement research institute, Septestones are proved to be the strongest and largest ki emitting stone that has healing effects.
    • Using Septestone has the same effects as acupuncture in that it releases blocked meridian areas of the body to allow ki to flow freely and helps cure illnesses.
    • 36 types of rotational energy emission(range of over 10m) 250x stronger than Jade, 150x stronger than quartz porphyry and germanium
    • Meridian circulation recovery and helps improve metabolism.
    • Inhibition of cancer, tumor etc growth and improves capillaries and peripheral nerves which helps against stroke, dementia and other vascular diseases.

3. Spetestone Dome Bed's effect on human body

The Septestone Dome Bed helps raise low body temperature and with the 36 types of wavelengths help strengthen the immune system. The exterior is made of cypress wood that emits exceptional Phytoncide which helps improve from cerebrovascular to the whole body's capillary expansion, helping with natural healing of the body to improve health.

  1. Dual heating from the bed and the dome
  2. Achieves same effect of sauna, naturally inserting heat into the back, waist, shoulders, thighs, stomach, chest etc. and helps expel waste through sweat.
  3. Such sweating has 5 times the effect of normal sweating.
For more information, refer to the contents below.

Body areas affected by Septestone 1/2



Dome Bed:
Dome Bed is priced at $10,990. To purchase, please email us at usonnetsu@gmail.com with the product name, quantity and shipping address information. We will then send you a Paypal invoice with the total price including shipping fee.

Deliveries for Dome Bed are done by USPS shipping which will take around 12 weeks(hand crafting, handling and shipping time) to reach your door after we receive the payment. For special requests or international shipping, please email or call us so that we can generate a specific invoice tailored for your needs.

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