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I would like to thank everyone who has given their love and support for our Onnetsu therapy center.

As you know if we loose our health, we loose everything.

People in these times live so busily and without rest that they don't have much time looking after themselves. While we chase our daily lives and work, we forget about how our lives are being impacted and degraded by the strain, stress and imbalanced diet/lifestyle.

Young Cho


onnetsu therapy


Interested in learning Basic & Intermediate Course?


We are currently enrolling new students for our Basics course! Anyone can learn the Onnetsu heat therapy method and are greatly recommended to do so as students will learn the theology behind Onnetsu heat therapy method with hands on practices and in-depth experience of how it's done.

This education focuses on understanding the body's natural defense system and the methods performed on therapeutic points relating to the type of illness.

When :
1. Feb 26 2022 : Saturday 10 am-6 pm(8 hrs)
Basic Course Fee : $250.00
2. Feb 27  2022 : Sunday 10 am-6 pm(8 hrs)
Intermediate Course Fee : $250.00
Total : $500.00

Location : 3296 Summit Ridge Pkwy # 420
Duluth GA 30096
Instructor : Young Cho

On completion we award the students with Basic and Intermediate Course.
Click on the Application Form to apply or call us on 770 710 1527 or email for more information.

US Onnetsu Therapy Center
3296 Summit Ridge Pkwy # 420, Duluth GA 30096

onnetsu therapy


onnetsu therapy