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Septestone Rocks

Septestone Rocks (Water Purifier)

1. What is the Septestone (Seven-gemstone)?

Septestone is a gemstone made of 7 different types of stone that were joined roughly 150 million years ago. It is found in a mountain called Ilwolsan in Youngyanggun, Kyungbuk, South Korea.

a) Septestone emits 36 types of rotational energies that are tuned to wavelengths (which range over 10m) and resonance to each part of the human body. These energies correct harmful wavelengths (lack of energy, overabundance of damaging ions and illnesses) into the most harmonious wavelengths for better health.

b) Septestone blocks 100% of geopathic stress wave from subterranean water veins and harmful electromagnetic waves.

c) Of all the substance and matters that exists on Earth, Septestone has the strongest and largest ki emitting ability.



These rocks release large amounts of mineral compositions such as calcium, silicate, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphate etc. and are made up of alkaline minerals, turning acidic water into alkaline water.Also keeps vegetables and fruits fresh when placed near.

2. The Effects of Septestone Rocks :


a) Emits large amounts of negative ions

b) In-Riches oxygen content(adjusts BOD,COD)

c) Reduces the effects of allergies and removes heavy metals

d) Wavelength resonance harmonizes all parts of the body

e) It is 250x stronger than Jade and 150x stronger than quartz porphyry and germanium

f) Meridian circulation recovery and helps improve metabolism

g) Inhibition of cancer, tumor growths and peripheral nerves damage

h) Helps prevent strokes, dementia and other vascular diseases

- Expiration period :
The stones used for water purifying/cooking/refrigerator lasts for 1 year, afterwards the effectiveness gradually lessen.

Price: 15 oz. (425g) $45.00 + shipping
35 oz. (1kg) $80.00 + shipping


Septestone Rocks:

Septestone Rocks are priced at $45 for 15oz(425g) and $80 for 35oz(1kg). To purchase, please email us at usonnetsu@gmail.com with the product name, quantity and shipping address information. We will then send you a Paypal invoice with the total price including shipping fee.

Deliveries are done by USPS priority shipping which will take around 2-3 working days to reach your door after we receive the payment. If you would like to use a different shipping methods, please let us know with the following options available: Express(1 day), Priority(2 days) and Standard post(5 days). For special requests or international shipping, please email or call us so that we can generate a specific invoice tailored for your needs.

US Onnetsu Therapy Center is based in Georgia, therefore use tax will be applied to the amount if you are located in Georgia.

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