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FIR Healing Stone


What is the FIR Healing Stone?

This special healing stone mainly made of Iron ore, Germanium and Ocher emits Far Infrared heat.

The heat travels deep inside the body and helps boost defense system while eliminating toxins and other wastes from the body.

Found only in Russia, the magnetic Iron ore is accompanied with Germanium, Tourmaline, Ocher and many other minerals, forming a heating stone that emits Far Infrared Ray and negative ions, offering large numbers of beneficial effects to the body.

Just 3-4 minutes in the microwave and the stone emits heat for 3-4 hours.

FIR Healing stone is a concave shaped stone that fits underneath the head and also fits with other parts of the body for easy use.


Far Infrared Ray explained & its Profound Effects on our Body

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is an invisible light produced by the sun. Every living organisms experience this ‘natural electromagnetic radiation’ from all parts of the body down to its cellular structures – they are comprised of it; without which we would not be alive1.

Our body receives tremendous beneficial effects from FIR in a way that literally alter our body’s basic biological functions. Far Infrared ray can reach 4 inches and more into our body which makes it the best method of delivering natural heat.

FIR doesn’t ‘feel hot’ but it is greatly improved with a heated delivery mechanism – like our FIR Healing Stone and Onnetsu devices. Once FIR reaches the deepest part of our body, our cells are heated and becomes more active, retaining the heat to the point they emit it out2.

The FIR also greatly affects the immune system which governs the healthy state of our body. Studies show that the immune system is hampered when the core body temperature drops by just 1oC. Therefore, FIR not only aids in detox but also prevents the body from ailments before it even begins to become a threat, allowing us to improve our health and help maintain it that way.

This leads to our Onnetsu product – the FIR Healing Stone. Naturally formed with minerals and rocks, we have more direct and easy access to implement this energy to our daily lives and for others. Capable of delivering FIR heat(5-20μm), the user can receive more effect faster with better results on all areas of the body. This leads to a truly natural healing so unique in its own form.



1Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications


2The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy


Beneficial effects of FIR Healing Stone

  • Helps retain core body temp at 98.6℉(37.0ºC)
  • Soothes the body for a relaxing deep sleep
  • Stimulates bone marrow and cleanses the blood
  • Detoxifies wastes from blood circulation
  • Improves blood circulation and raises immune function
  • Reduces the effects of allergies and removes heavy metals
  • Improves metabolism
  • FIR Healing Stone has the same effects as acupuncture, unblocking meridians of the body and allows free flow of Ki which reduces illnesses
  • Inhibition of cancer, tumor growths and peripheral nerves damage
  • Helps prevent Fibroid, strokes, dementia and other vascular diseases
  • 3-4 hours of heating from a mere 4-5min of Microwave – the inner part of the stone reaches up to 800oF and around 100oF on the surface.
  • The Ocher, Magnesium and other minerals already well regarded by the health community helps rid of toxins that had entered the body from pollution in the air and chemicals in food.
  • The FIR Healing Stone is made of materials that retain and emit heat effectively while other minerals like Jade have a cooling property.
  • The stone emits FIR and negative ions that allow splendid heat insertion into the body, improving the Lymph circulation to unblock the Ki and helps blood circulation. The heat stays in the body for a long time compared to any other stones.
  • Keeping the Stone under the quilt/duvet while sleeping keeps the stone warm for more than 4 hours (caution: keep the stone in the provided pocket cover and add more layers if needed to prevent burning from pro-longed contact with the skin).


Benefits from FIR Healing Stone in the human body :

Improves :

Cell production, Brain cell health, Capillary walls, Nerves, Spine, Respiratory tract, Heart & Blood circulation, raise Libido, and improves Prostate function.

Prevents :

Muscle pain, Blood Circulation disorders, Digestive disorder, Allergies, Rotator cuff stiffness, Swelling, High blood pressure, Sinus congestion, Coughing, Coldness, Joint pains, Rheumatism, Sterility, Sciatica, and Numbness of hand/feet.

Method of use

Microwave for 3-4 minutes, allow the stone to slowly reach full heat (takes about 2 more minutes). Heat emits from the stone for around 3-4 hours. When the stone has lowered in temperature, microwave for 1-2 mins for further use. DO NOT microwave the warmed stone for more than 1-2 mins. Dropping this stone can cause damage. If this stone is damaged/cracked, do not use.

FIR Healing Stone:

FIR Healing Stone is priced at $399.00. To purchase. please email us at usonnetsu@gmail.com with the product name, quantity and shipping address information. We will then send you a Paypal invoice with the total price including shipping fee.

Deliveries are done by USPS priority shipping which will take around 2-3 working days to reach your door after we receive the payment. If you would like to use a different shipping methods, please let us know with the following options available: Express(1 day), Priority(2 days) and Standard post(5 days). For special requests or international shipping, please email or call us so that we can generate a specific invoice tailored for your needs.

US Onnetsu Therapy Center is based in Georgia, therefore use tax will be applied to the amount if you are located in Georgia.

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