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Septestone Rocks

         (Water Purifier) 


1. What is the Septestone?

Septestone is a rock which is comprised of 7 types of gemstones.

These gemstones were formed roughly 150 million years ago are minerals found in a mountain called Ilwolsan in Youngyanggun, Kyungbuk, South Korea.

The rocks release large amounts of mineral compositions such as calcium, silicate, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphate etc. and are made up of alkaline minerals, turning acidic water into alkaline water. Also keeps vegetables and fruits fresh when placed near.

 2. The Effect of Septestone Rocks

- 36 types of rotational energy emitted from septestone(range of over 10m) are tuned to the wavelengths and resonance of each part of the human body, adjusting harmful wavelengths(lack of energy, overabundance, disease symptoms) into the most harmonious wavelengths that better health. (Wavelength resonance harmony of each part of the body)

- Blocks 100% of geopathic stress wave from subterranean water vein and harmful electromagnetic


- Emits Far Infrared and large amount of negative ions

- Removes heavy metals – perfect use for water purification

- Adjusts the water's alkaline pH (pH 8.2~8.9)

- Can be used for water purifying(as shown on picture above) and for any type of cooking(leave the stone inside the pan while cooking – you can taste the difference!)

- Rich oxygen content(adjusts BOD,COD)

- Active water molecules

- Stimulates bone marrow and cleans the blood

- Improves blood circulation and immune system

- Removes odors

- Using Septestone has the same effects as acupuncture in that it releases blocked meridian areas of the body to allow ki to flow freely and helps cure illnesses.

- 250x stronger than Jade, 150x stronger than quartz porphyry and germanium.

- Meridian circulation recovery and helps improve metabolism.

- Inhibition of cancer, tumor etc growth and improves capillaries and peripheral nerves which helps against stroke, dementia and other vascular diseases.

- Expiry period : The stones used for water purifying/cooking/refrigerator lasts for 1 year, which afterwards the effectiveness gradually lessen.



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