I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Master Young .
 I have  several conditions that cause headaches.. Trigeminal nerve neuralgia, 
Thorasic outlet syndrome as well as sinus problem from a botched sinus surgery
That cause headaches due to barometric pressure. Really bad headaches!

At one point, the pain became so bad I was receiving one injections under anathesia.
This treatment was scary because , one never knows what might happen with  anathema.
I discovered Master Young on the internet and was intrigued.
I have always noticed that my pains are best soothed with heat.

After working with Master Young, my headaches are much improved.
He is a very gifted healer and can sense problems without my saying a word.
All of us in Atlanta are so lucky that we have him here.

He has also worked with my dogs and they love his treatments as well.
If you are suffering from headaches or pain, I highly recommend Master Young Onnetsu for you.



Mat & Dome