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The Mitsui Onnetsu therapy method was created by Dr. Tomeko Mitsui(1915~2001) and is an alternative medicine that does not use drug medicines or invasive surgery.

The courses teach in-depth knowledge about the body's autoimmune system and practical application of the Onnetsu therapy method by symptom and area of the body.

We can apply appropriate heat into our body that has lost much heat from stress and imbalanced diet and lifestyle – to better the blood circulation, balance the hormones and the autonomic nervous system as well as maintaining the wellness to have a healthy and energetic life style we can enjoy.

Early detection and treatment of any diseases and illnesses is very important. It is essential to have a healthy body with strong resistance to diseases and to be able to self heal from any ailments.

U.S. Onnetsu Therapy Center offers education programs for anyone to learn and focuses on letting more and more people to know about the Onnetsu therapy method's theory and practical application.

We hope and thrive towards the goal of providing safe, effective and the best treatment to everybody.

Thank you.
Young Cho


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